Who We Are

Average student age: 31
Median student age: 29
性别: 84% female, 16% male, <1% unknown
International students: 60 representing 27 countries

Further details on the diversity of Bastyr University students is available by clicking here.

Fall Enrollment (2021): 742*

School of Naturopathic Medicine

Department of Botanical Medicine

School of Traditional World Medicines

School of Natural Health Arts and Sciences

Department of 助产术

Department of Counseling and Health Psychology

Department of Basic Sciences

Department of 公共 Health


  • Non-degree enrollment: 9


Fall 2019: 66 core faculty, 139 adjunct faculty

Fall 2018: 78 core faculty, 137 adjunct faculty

Fall 2017: 80 core faculty, 130 adjunct faculty


Clinical Training Program

Clinical student-faculty ratio: 6:1
Patient visits to Bastyr Center for Natural Health: approximately 35,000

Student Outcomes Data


* Institutional and program enrollment data is based on primary major counts and does not include secondary and tertiary degrees.

For further information about any other program, contact the Admissions office at admissions@my.juke-nissan.com.

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Did You Know?

  • Bastyr University campus was once a Catholic seminary
  • Bastyr Center for Natural Health is the largest natural health clinic in Washington State
  • Bastyr University is a sister school with Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine in China
  • Bastyr Center received more than 34,000 patient visits last year