If you pursue one of Bastyr's 研究生课程, you'll spend your first year immersed in books and classroom work, and then you’ll embark on the path of clinical 培训. Your clinical education is where it all comes together — all the classroom hours, the thousands of pages of reading, the late nights dedicated to memorizing the body's bones, muscle groups and/or meridians and points. This is where you begin to touch patients with your knowledge, 你的同情心, your diagnostic skills and intuition.

Clinical Programs at Bastyr

State-of-the-Art Facility

In order to guarantee the highest consistency and continuity in quality education, the heart of the clinical education program is located at our teaching clinic, Bastyr Center for Natural Health (BCNH) 在西雅图. This thriving metropolitan clinic is specifically designed to serve the unique needs of students, faculty and their patients. It is the largest and busiest natural health clinic in the Northwest. You will become an integral part of this nationally known center.

Bastyr Center boasts 40 patient care rooms, excellent air quality, 自然采光, environmentally friendly materials and systems throughout, patient parking beneath the building, and easy access for patients with special needs. The clinic houses new physical medicine equipment, such as a two-person sauna, a low-energy laser, therapeutic ultrasound machines and other physiotherapy machines. Bastyr Center also includes a library with computer terminals for student use, as well as natural and Chinese medicine dispensaries with comprehensive inventories. Bastyr Center is located at 3670 Stone Way North, in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

Experienced Supervising 教师

Currently, 64 faculty providers comprise the medical staff of BCNH. The average clinical experience of these providers is eight years. The median number of years of experience of our core clinical faculty is over 10. Many members of the acupuncture medical staff have been in practice for over 20 years. All clinic supervisors must be licensed in their field, with documented education, 培训, experience and competence. Many of our faculty members have published books and articles in peer-reviewed journals, and some are award winning and internationally renowned experts in diverse areas of natural health.

Patient Contact Hours

At Bastyr, we provide as many or more patient contact hours as comparable schools. In the naturopathic medicine program, you will receive a minimum of 1,200 clinical 培训 hours and approximately 600 patient contacts by the time you graduate, including the opportunity to provide health care to patients at 14 offsite clinical 培训 sites. 针灸 and Oriental medicine students average about 500 patient contacts during their education, including external learning sites in community clinics. 学生 enrolled in the master of science in nutrition and clinical health psychology spend about 600 hours working directly with patients.

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